Our Copy-Writer and Ghost Writer Prices

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Writer Prices Upfront: Absolutely Nothing Hidden

Our writer prices reflect honesty and exceptional value for money, which is why we’re proud to put them on our website. Writer prices vary project by project, but this page offers good approximations.

We don't charge VAT, so individuals can save 20%.


Our Writer Prices Guide

Approximate Copy-Writer Prices

5 x page brochure: £300

5 x page website: £300

Sales email: £150

Single-page leaflet: £150

Full-length (20 x page) brochure or information document: £1200

SEO keywords for website, plus report: £300


Approximate Ghost Writer Prices

Short 5,000 word booklet: £1,250

50,000 word (medium-length) non-fiction book: £7,000

Autobiography: £5,000 - £7,000

Children's story: £1000

Full-length fiction book: from £10,000

Publishers' Package (three chapters, synopsis, marketing material and submission to three appropriate publishers/agents for potential publication): £2,000

Book-title brainstorm: £150


Approximate Journalism Prices

Press release: £150

Magazine article: £150 - £300

Newsletter: £300 - £550


Editing and Proof-reading Prices

Copy rewriting (complete rewrite of written text): £150 per 1,000 words

Copy editing (rewriting and heavily correcting text): £150 per 2,000 words

Heavy proof-reading (correcting text with lots of errors): £150 per 5,000 words

Light proof-reading (checking/correcting text for minor errors): £150 per 10,000 words


Day Rates

Copywriting rates: £300 a day

Hourly rates for smaller jobs: £40 an hour

Ghostwriting and longer projects: Approx £5,000 per 150-page book


Taking Payment

Visit our FAQs section for more information about how we take payment.

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