Adverts and Booklets – UK Copy-Writers and Ghost Writers

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Newsletters, Magazines and National Press

We create and project-manage corporate newsletters and magazines from start to finish – researching, collating and writing material. Our clients include government bodies, international corporations, design agencies and SMEs.

Press Releases

Our press releases generate stories in The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and many industry specific publications. We not only write releases, but talk you through potential ideas until we find a winner. We're proven to produce some of the most effective press releases in the business, and we can also recommend editors likely to publish them.

Ghost-written Articles

Our writing agency creates articles for chief executives, doctors and other hard-working professionals too busy to research and write for themselves. For examples of our writers' own journalistic work, see: www.guardian.co.uk, www.timesonline.co.uk and www.independent.co.uk.