UK Editors and Proof-readers for Hire

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The Best Editing and Proof-reading Service

We offer simply the best editing service money can buy. To us, ‘best editing’ means industry-trained editors, with the experience and knowledge to give your text a totally professional finish – at a highly competitive price. And that’s exactly what we offer, which makes us the best editing service in the UK.

You may already have created text for a project, and require the best professional editing possible, rather than copy creation from scratch. Or you may require an article rewriter, or a manuscript rewriter, to take a look at your rough material and craft and polish it until it shines. Whether you require snappier text, or simply the best editing to create industry-standard presentation, our editors and rewriters can help.

Choosing an editing service is also the best choice for cutting costs, since you can create the bulk of material yourself, then pass it over to a professional writer or editor to craft professional copy at a fraction of the usual price.