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Negotiating Your Salary]

Negotiating Your Salary

With a third of UK employees unhappy with their wage, Jobsite learns the art of negotiating your salary.


It’s official: over half of UK employees are too embarrassed to ask for a pay rise, according to Jobsite’s latest research. More worryingly, the research indicates 41% of employees will consider moving jobs until they reach their ideal salary – bad news for workplace stability, and a firm indicator that UK staff lack good salary negotiation skills. But negotiating your salary isn’t difficult – as long as you approach the task professionally and are armed with the right information.


If you feel overworked and underpaid, you’re not alone. According to Jobsite’s latest research, 30% of UK employees are unhappy with the amount they currently earn, and 19% feel underpaid for the work they do. But if you’re thinking of moving to a better paid job to avoid negotiating your salary be warned: salary negotiation is now regularly carried out at job interview – before employees have even won the job.