Sales Email Sample: BRS Global

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'BUSINESS NEEDS' Sales Email Series

Brief: To create a series of sales emails that promote BRS Globals services.


Email Subject:
BUSINESS NEEDS: to Future-proof Skills


Dear ______,


As your remit covers recruitment, I’d like to introduce you to BRS Global: a supplier of new recruitment solutions.


Recession or no recession, successful businesses are those that develop a long-term plan to secure key talent. The recruitment innovations offered by BRS Global are used by forward-thinking business leaders to:


• Future-proof organisations

• Ensure continual investment in value-adding individuals

• Control ongoing recruitment costs


We work for multinationals in all sectors, across EMEA, delivering recruitment research and full talent pipelining solutions where value-adding individuals are secured both immediately and over time.


If you’re currently taking steps to future-proof your organisation, or addressing securing skills in the long-term, I would be particularly keen to speak with you.


Kind regards