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Appletiser Picnic Advertorial

Brief: To promote Appletiser's range of drinks with a fun feature for the Guardian.



With summer finally here it’s time to enjoy the English countryside. And there’s no better way to celebrate the great outdoors than by packing up a hamper and enjoying your own picnic. Choosing food to suit the occasion is all part of the fun, and the diverse locations throughout the UK could see you preparing anything from delicate pastries to thick honey sandwiches.

The Jane Austen Picnic: Box Hill, near Dorking, Surrey

This beautiful spot of sweeping downs and flitting butterflies has an additional allure for literary romantics. It was the location for the famous picnic scene in the film of Jane Austen’s Emma, and it was chosen for its idyllic rolling hills, perfectly characterising England’s green and pleasant lands.

The food: Pack a hamper full of delightfully girlish treats, with plenty of colourful desserts. Delicate sandwiches of smoked salmon and egg and cress alongside pink-hued cakes, pastries and dainty iced biscuits should bring out the feminine side of any picnic goer. Then toast with Pomegranate and Raspberry Fruitiser for a picnic Austen herself could have penned.

Web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/w-visits/w-great_days_out/w-nature-places_to_visit/w-nature-places_to_visit-boxhill.htm

The Adventurer’s Picnic: Ragley Hall, Warwickshire

For a picnic spot with built in play facilities, Ragley Hall in Warwickshire is one huge outdoor adventure park. The extensive grounds include an adventure playground complete with 3D maze, trampoline and innovative climbing frames. And when the kids have worn themselves out playing, there are plenty of picnic areas to refuel.

The food: Make an adventure picnic for budding explorers. Get the kids to make their own colourful biscuits, and homemade pizza slices with healthy toppings. Add chocolate coins for buried treasure and use plenty of crazy straws to serve thirsty adventurers Apple and Dragonfruit Fruitiser.

Web: www.ragleyhall.com

The Beach Barbecue Picnic, Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire

One of the best kept secrets in the UK, this lovely quiet beach enjoys golden sands and clean clear waters. Huddled into a secluded bay, picnics are spared the usual wind-chill factor, whilst an array of rock pools and hidden caves make for additional entertainments.

The food: Pre-prepare an exotic beach barbecue picnic to suit the occasion. Grill whole fish in their skins, and serve with a cold salad of cous cous and roasted vegetables. Make your own tapenade or tzatziki dips for corn chips, and pour iced glasses of Mango and Mandarin Fruitiser from the cool-box.

Web: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-stackpole

The Great Outdoors Picnic, Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset

Brownsea Island was the birthplace of scouting, and has subsequently been made a stunning reserve of plants and wildlife. Latter-day scouts will enjoy trekking through the untamed wilderness, following trails and cliff-top walks. Picnic goers can decamp in various spots along the route, but to work up a healthy appetite heading to the cliffs affords some of the most scenic locations.

The food: With a rugged natural setting, a traditional picnic is the best way to refuel hungry hikers. Prepare a feast of boiled eggs, thick cut ham sandwiches, cheese rolls, and hand-cooked potato chips. Throw in some fruit and chunky chocolate bars for dessert, and rehydrate with delicious classic Appletiser.

Web: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/brownsea

The Winnie The Pooh Picnic, Aldenham Country Park, Hertfordshire

For the ultimate themed picnic, join Winnie the Pooh and friends in Aldenham Country Park. The park has recreated the storybook 100 Aker Wood, complete with the various homes of Pooh and companions scattered amongst the trees. It’s a great way to explore the forest, and there are plenty of picnic spots for fans to break out the honey and read aloud.

The food: Have fun preparing a Winnie the Pooh feast with plenty of honey and unsalted butter sandwiches. Pack ‘piglet in a blanket’ by keeping hotdogs hot in a flask and serving them in hotdog buns. Add fairy cakes with character toppers if you can get them and a splash of pure English Pear Appletiser to wash it all down.


Appletiser and Fruitiser – Fruit Hydration for Any Occasion

If you’ve decided to enjoy the UK great outdoors, then a bottle or two of Appletiser or Fruitiser is the perfect accompaniment. This great tasting choice works perfectly to rehydrate thirsty walkers and can accompany a wide variety of foods. 

Think of it as your healthy outdoor alternative to wine, with flavour nuances which can be matched to whatever you’re eating, and the advantage of 100% pure fruit juice, bursting with antioxidants and flavonoids. 

Naturally sweet apple juice also means that this drink has none of the sugary drawbacks to other soft drinks. Whilst other carbonated beverages use refined sucrose, Appletiser boasts naturally occurring fruit sugars. This means the drink enjoys the low GI index associated with steady blood sugar and healthy weight management, making it the great tasting addition to a calorie controlled diet – or for anyone conscious of their physique.

The steady energy release makes it great for physical fitness too, so if you’re out walking or hiking in the British countryside, sipping Appletiser can help keep you full of energy whether you’re trekking up hill, or strolling down scenic valleys. And with five flavours to choose from the versatile soft drink can be paired with everything from main courses to dessert, and is a delicious way to wash down a well prepared picnic.